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School Reunion 18 May 2019

If you are aged 66 or 67 and attended Francis Bacon School, as it was then called, you are invited to a reunion which will take place on May 18 from 2.30pm at St Albans Rugby Club, Oaklands Lane. If you think you qualify please...

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First Day at Mr Sexton’s school

It was the first week of September, I seem to remember it was a wet and windy Thursday, I was  feeling uncomfortable in my new uniform with my new school bag. There was no doubting we were the lowest of the low, a shock to the...

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So, farewell then Ralph…..

I felt like an era had ended when I heard about his death. I had been in the habit of googling his name on a semi-regular basis,  so I knew it was our old Headmaster when I saw his death notice. I must say I am slightly...

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