If you are aged 66 or 67 and attended Francis Bacon School, as it was then called, you are invited to a reunion which will take place on May 18 from 2.30pm at St Albans Rugby Club, Oaklands Lane.

If you think you qualify please contact Lyn Huddleston at moc.liamtekcornull@notseldduhnyl for more information.

Apparently the organisers have contacted 80 out of 130 in that year which is really quite remarkable, for many reasons, after 50 years. Hope it is a big success.

Would I attend, if I qualified? Difficult to answer, I made no lasting friendships from my years at the school and, though it would be fascinating to hear how my fellow pupils have fared in life, I cannot quite see much point. I hope that people attending will remember that none of us are the people we were back then.